Male VS female German Shepherds

We get asked a lot about the differences about a male and female yes they do have some differences in appearance, though they are not that distinct; in young puppies, the differences are not really evident except at the genitals.

They also have some temperament differences, but you can’t put a dollar on them- all dogs ha ve their own distinct personalities.


Males are more masculine in structure-they have larger heads and broader, thicker bodies. They weigh between 65-90 pounds and stand 24 to 26 inches at the high point of the shoulders.

Females are more feminine in structure, with more delicate features. They have smaller heads and slimmer bodies. They weigh between 50-70 pounds and stand 22 to 24 inches at the high point in shoulders.


Males tend to be more protective of their territory- their home and property

females tend to be more protective of their packs- their human familes

Males are generally more tolerant of other non-dominate pets

Females are generally less tolerant of other pets due to jealousy.

Males tend to be more independent and are more likely to take off.

Females are less independent and are more prone to stick by their owners.

both of them love attention, but females are more likely to be clingy with attention than males.

Social traits

German Shepherds are highly intelligent. They can be fiercely loyal to their familes, yet distant with strangers this applies to all dogs of this breed. Nevertheless, how these dogs behave in social situations is where gender differences really stand out. It’s important to note that all dogs are a product of their environment. While a lot of their behavioral traits can be linked to their parents, upbringing plays a big role as well.

Early socialization is key when it comes to raising a pup. Giving your dog plenty of opportunities to socialize with people and pets can have a huge effect on the following trails.

Group Focus

Genrally, female German shepherds are consider to be a better option for larger familes. Why is that? well, it’s because females tend to bond well with other members of the family. As long as they are spending an equal amount of time with everyone, you shouldn’t have any issues establishing those import connections and building Loyalty.

male German Shepherds can’t be said the same. Males will latch onto their primary owner. They exhibit very obvious sighs of Loyalty towards one person who raised them and spends the most time with them. It can appear to be borderline possessive. This doesn’t mean that the male German Shepherd don’t love other members of the family or won’t protect them. They can develop bonds with everyone they spend any significant amount of time with. However, they will always show priority to that one person above everyone else. Here at K9Phenom we take great pride in what we do and believe in socializing our dogs with others to expose them to other people, animals, and daily life events that they may experience once they go to their forever homes. Not only does this help them adapt more quickly to their new environment they there also exposed to other things and will know how to react.

Guarding Abilites

A dog’s guarding abilities are close related to who they are loyal to. With a female they will guard the whole family they won’t choose one person over another. so a female is a great choice for a family guard dog.

Males on the other hand, are better at one on one protection. One they have established that strong bond with one person, they are loyal for life. This is why you see many male German shepherds doing police, military, and security work. They have their owner’s back and will fight to the death to keep them protected.

Sensitive nature

Females can be very sensitive to the needs of humans. Overall, they’re much gentler and friendlier towards people. and they make great therapy dogs. Males can be trained for the job as well, However, they tend to exhibit more pride and stubbornness which could become an issue.

Highly trainable

because of their sensitive nature, females are considered to be easier to train. They can pick up commands quite easy and will love showing you what they can do. Not only that, but females are often the go-to when it comes to competitive training. Their smaller bodies make them more agile, Which makes them more capable of completing courses.

Males require a bit Moore work to train. As we mentioned before they can be stubborn and difficult to work with. With any German shepherd it’s very important to use positive reinforcement for training. These dogs are far too smart to respond to negative reinforcement. Yelling, hitting, or any other form of punishment will only set you back.

This article is just a general idea of what to expect and helps you decided on what dog works best for your lifestyle. It all comes down to personally preference. But no matter what gender you decide to choose your German shepherd will be a loving member of the family.