Pomsky Breed Information

We have welcomed the Pomksy Breed into our Pack which means we will be having these puppies available in the near future. So be sure to follow our pages for updates on these adorable little guys.

We know Pomskies are cute and silly, and just the kind of dog you’d want to have in your apartment or small home.

This breed has taken over the Internet and hearts of dog lovers by the storm.

As the name suggest, Pomskies are bred from two popular breeds, Pomeranian and Siberian Husky.

They’re playful in nature and would do just about anything to be the center of attention.

Their adorable looks also work to ensure the dogs get the attention they badly crave for.

Suffice to today, they’re one of the hardest breeds to maintain.

Oftentimes, those who rush to buy them from breeders without giving it too much thought, often find themselves overwhelmed and unprepared to handle it.

This pretty much explains why the dogs are a common breed in shelters and rescue groups.

History of the Pomsky

Pomskies don’t have a long history, and that’s because they were created NOT long ago through artificial insemination.

This makes it one of the newest dog breeds around! As a matter of fact, much about the dog should look or some of the traits it should posses have yet to be established.

Which is to say its going to take several years and a number of generations before the breed is fully recognized as some of it’s standards formed.

The Pomsky Club of America is among the groups that are working towards getting the breed officially recognized.

However, before this happens, this breed of will have to be bred constantly for more specific traits.

In the meantime, pomskies will continue varying in terms of looks and temperament, even when bred within the same litter.

It’s until the exercise is done that the breed standards will be established.

How to care for a Pomsky

Pomsky is a super-active breed that can do moderate exerting and at least one walk per day.

The breed is highly energetic and may demand that you engage them in extra action before they relax.

Pomskies aren’t affected that much by the cold because they have a thick coat. They also tend to do much better with toys that impact their mental.

Which is to day the dogs are highly intelligent and are likely to get bored when they’re NOT challenged.

The breed has the stubbornness of a Siberian Husky, which makes them a little bit harder to train. But with a lot of praise and treats for motivations, they should be able to learn just about anything you expose them to.


As we mentioned earlier in this article the pomsky is a active breed of dog, which does on to ensure that they use a lot of energy in a day. It’s crucial that you feed them on a diet that snugly meets their energy needs.

And since their breed standards are yet to be established, more details on what the dog should be fed is also yet to be established. Meaning, you might want to to inquire about what to feed them from your local veterinarian or Breeder you purchased from.


This breed has a soft, fluffy coat that will be demanding a lot of brushing to stay in shape. This coat helps to keep them warm at all times, which goes to ensure that they aren’t affected by cold temperatures. Which also means they shed a lot! so if you don’t want dog glitter all over your home and yourself we advise to avoid this breed of dog.


Some range from small to mid-size They[re almost similar to a Pomeranian and Siberian Husky in size. Their size varies a great deal, more so as the breed standards are yet to be established. But most of the time they are small in size when fully grown, with a body weight that won’t be exceeding 38 pounds.


Pomsky puppies are highly unpredictable, they will always have you guessing, same goes for their size when they’re fully grown.

We were debating on brining them into our pack, but after seeing how cute and fully they are, and they melted our hearts we couldn’t say no, They bring us so much joy and keep us entertained for sure, We know once we have puppies you will fall in love with them as well. We will continue to update our blog with information on Pomskies to see if they are what you and your family need and want before making the decision of owning one.