Embrace these traits or don’t get a German Shepherd

German Shepherds are amazing dogs and one of the most recognized breeds on earth. German Shepherd dog lovers are a special breed in their own right because owning one of these beautiful and amazing dogs requires a level of commitment not found with most other dog breeds. As you have read in our other blog post you would have learned that German Shepherd’s are beyond intelligent and owning one is truly a lifestyle. You can ask any German Shepherd dog owner, who is passionate about this breed, and they will encourage you to learn all about these amazing dogs before brining one home. And we hope our blogs help make it easier for you to learn about the breed instead of having to do a ton of research.

The Traits

German Shepherds vary in personality and temperament, but there are a few traits that most share.

Intelligence- Due to their intelligence and personality, German Shepherds require consistent training from a very early age and that is not optional, They will outwit and rule over wimpy dog owners if leadership is not established from the moment they move in. If they do not have a strong leader who challenges them mentally, they will entertain themselves in the most destructive ways.

Trainability- These dogs are working and herding dogs that have been bred to work for many generations. They thrive in an environment when they receive lots of training and challenges. There is a reason why they excel at police work, search and rescue, drug detection, service dogs and much more. They can do anything except be bored so they require an owner who is committed to their training as much as they are to their companionship.

Athleticism- needless to say German Shepherds are athletes. They can excel at dog sports. They have lots of energy to burn and while they do not have to compete in sports to be happy, they do require an owner willing to to get out and take walks, they need room to run and have someone to play with, or they will become highly destructive and frustrated .

Fearless- German Shepherds are Fearless and will loyally protect their families. Because of this trait people assume that they are mean and aggressive dogs. A well balanced dog that has been trained and socialized from a young age, has a protective instinct and will alert and guard their family if any intruder should come along. And sadly these dogs do tend to fall into the wrong hands, and because of it they have a reputation of being mean and aggressive dogs can be a time bomb waiting to go off. By nature most German Shepherds are somewhat naturally aloof and will greet strangers politely.

Loyalty- A German Shepherds bond is strong with their owner. They are not dogs that do well living alone in a backyard, they thrive when they are members of a family living in the home with their people. Isolated German Shepherd’s will become destructive and can easily develop behavior problems simply because they are lonely and have no mental and physical stimulation.

Shedding- German Shepherd’s are notorious shedders and needs lots of grooming. That blow their coat twice a year yet shed all year round. If you are a type of person who cannot handle dog hair in your house or on your clothing, then this breed is probably not for you. It is possible to minis by grooming regularly.


As owners of German Shepherd’s let us be the first to tell you that owning one of these amazing dog breeds is truly a lifestyle and lifelong commitment. With these amazing dogs that only wants to be with you and please you When considering a German Shepherd, it is upmost important to be honest with yourself about how much time in the day you have to spend with your dog. And to know that they do not do well without companionship. if you have time to devote to these amazing dogs, there is no better loyal friend than one of our German Shepherds