Top 10 Tips for German Shepherd Owners

We are obviously huge fans of the breed and even fanatical about sharing experiences and advice we have from one German Shepherd owner to another. These amazing dogs are fiercely loyal, make fantastic family pets, are wonderful protectors, and their intelligence cannot be underestimated, and if you are here stepping into the world of pooch parenting for the first time , or thinking of making a German Shepherd your new best friend. Either way, your right to take this decision seriously. So if you are wondering what to know before getting a German shepherd, we are glad you stopped by!

Their zeal for life, athletics and mental capabilities and what endears us to the breed. Everyone and their mother will have an opinion on this breed and whether it’s the right choice for you. Here we will take you through the Pros and cons of having a German Shepherd in your life.

What to know before getting a German shepherd:

Do you have enough space for this large breed?

All dogs need space both inside and outside. But the German Shepherd is a large Breed that’s also very active and busy.

So get the stimulation they need, there should be ample space for them to move, run and play. A German Shepherd cooped up in a space that’s too small will become destructive and moody. They are also quite clumsy durning early adolescence. they have gangly legs and a thick tail.

which means any photo frames, ornaments and coffee cups that are “in their way” will get knocked over.

So the first year, while they are learning how their big and powerful body works, anything fragile should be moved out of their way. The Shepherd is also a powerful chewer. So anything that could be remotely interesting is a target for chewing.

Until your German Shepherd is fully potty trained, they’ll need to go out for regular potty breaks.

For the first week or so you’re looking at potty breaks every 20 to 30 minutes. Check out our potty training guide post and have your German shepherd potty trained in no time.

In an ideal world, you should be able to provide your new best friend with large open rooms where anything fragile is out of their way, and also space outside where they can take their potty breaks and still have room to enjoy themselves.

Affording the price of a dog from a Good breeder

here at K9phenom we make sure that not only are you getting a well-bred dog, but at an affordable price that is capable of competitions, showing, working, being a family companion. We have all the necessary health screenings for all our dogs, and they are all AKC registered. Here and K9phenom we believe everyone should have a German Shepherd and be able to afford one.

Which bring me to my next point.

Affording the care and maintenance for this breed

No matter how you look at it, dogs are expensive and the bigger they are, the more expensive things start to get. The reality is that you’ll be spending a chunk of green to keep your best friend happy and healthy. We make sure that your puppy is taken well care of, with the proper diet, vaccines, exercise, and maintenance it needs, before they are able to go to their forever homes. Once you get your new best friend you will have to make sure your pup will have everything it needs. such as food/water bowls, toys, crates, beds, collar and leash, etc.

And not to mention the most important thing…..


I’m giving this one special attention because it’s where good canine health starts.

The cheapest food will give you the most expensive results- high vet bills.

German Shepherds are renowned for their sensitive skins and digestive tracts. So chances are you might need to feed them a specialized died, which comes at a higher price tag. So it’s a good idea to budget for the best food you can afford.

Next, you’ll be forking out for vaccinations, and deworming.

vet bills are through the roof nowadays mostly because treatments available are so advanced. Vets can teat almost every serious ailment with great success.

Having time for an Energetic breed

sadly, a lot of people bring a new dog into their lives and then struggle to juggle the spinning plates of work and a puppy life. This might sound obvious, but a lot of people don’t realize that a small puppy can’t be left alone for hours and hours while they are away at work. Older dogs cope much butter but still, it’s not ideal to leave them alone for hours and house on end over an extended period of time.

Lonely dogs are troubled dogs. And end up destroying things and developing bad habits. There are a few options you could consider to keep your pooch happy and healthy while you are at work.

The first option is to enroll them in a doggy daycare, or having a pet sitter if you don’t have a doggy daycare in your area. They both can offer you a peace of mind knowing that your dog is happy and cared for while you’re at work. A pet sitter can take your dog out for potty breaks and take your best friend out for walks to make sure it gets the best exercise and is able to socialize while you are at work.

The most time and energy will be invested in training and stimulating your German Shepherd. You will be looking about about 15 to 20 minutes per day of training.

Of course, missing a day here and there is a not rain smash, they are super intelligent dogs and catch on quick. They also need plenty of exercise. It is a working breed after all and they need physical stimulation too.

As a puppy, their exercise needs will be less because they are smaller, and you shouldn’t overwhelm your puppy with lots of training. the puppy stage should be done in moderation while their skeletal system is developing. But once they are fully grown, they will need plenty of physical exercise and stimulation.

Will a German Shepherd fit in with your lifestyle?

There are a lot of positive ways you can get your dog to fin in with your lifestyle, but in all honest truth you will be changing your lifestyle to fit in with your new best friend. If you’re used to having lazy weekends it will be a thing in the past once your German Shepherd is in your life.

in a nutshell, German Shepherds make wonderful pets for people and families who are willing to invest the time, training, and energy they require. those that do, will receive a lifetime of unmatched loyalty, love and devotion from their dog.